Ascend in Every Area of Your Life

When you know TRUTH, you know how to ascend in every area of your life. The foundation of everything starts INSIDE YOU! At 7 Elevations of Wholeness we know the Truth that helps you find and develop your Highest Potential. Knowing these Truths brings you into wholeness and creates personal ascencion.

Whether it's physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, we're here to help you bring every part of yourself into the higher consciousness you are seeking. True healing takes place first in our minds and then our hearts and bodies follow. This healing process is best done with other people, infact it can only be complete when others have gone there with us. Teachers, guides, friends and traveling companions become our healers and make the journey easier, faster, and more fun.

Finding true wholeness is done through finding union within ourselves and then uniting with those around us. Receiving God's love, which is always present, is our greatest desire AND greatest challenge. Let us help you find and hold that love within your own mind and heart, healing every area of yourself and life.

Join us on this beautiful journey back to where we came from and into full awareness, enlightement, and joy!

Our Purpose


A foundation of truth brings structure, ease, and joy to our lives. Truth can be applied everywhere and only brings more ease and joy.

In ascension this is also true. Ideas can empower or disempower us. Ideas based on truth are empowering and ones base on lies are disempowering. Therefore, truth causes us to truly ascend because we are empowered. So truth is a necessary piece of ascension, and while some ideas are interesting and may even be believed by thousands, if they do not empower us, they are not true.

Another characteristic of truth is that it is sweet, like the fruit of a good tree. Truth, when fully understood, is sweet and produces fruit that is sweet.

The process of ascension is best done in a simple progression of line upon line. Starting with the basics of thinking and progressing to the patterns of action.

There are other courses available, and we hope you will take them all, but we suggest you start and work through them in this order to build a sound, truth based foundation.


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