Giving Back Creates Community

The word Phylanthropy comes from the Latin word; philanthropia, meaning "love for mankind". Isn't that beautiful! That is what the people at 7 Elevations want; a love for and a desire to elevate all mankind. It's a 360° Phylanthorpy because we are coming at service from all angles, helping those who have projects be found and helping those looking for projects to find them. We are looking for as many ways to do service as possible. Serving the world, the earth, those in need in foreign countries and those in need in your back yard. Do your know an excellent 501c3 project? Share it with us and help us share it with the world!

Service is good for the soul, good for the served and good for society, therefore we set out to find a way to serve that would resonate with our goal of Community. In doing so, we found many amazing projects already created and felt there was something different we could do other than start our own projects.

With so many amazing service projects in the world already, we decided we could make finding a project easier by brining as many together as possible.   We hope something here will speak to you and give you the opportunity to discover joy in service by sharing your abundance with those in need.

At 7 Elevations of Wholeness we recommend the following projects to be excellent ways to help connect with humanity and unite the world in a meaningful way. We hope you find something here to give you an opportunity to grow and contribute, thus also fulfilling your highest human needs and bringing the world into harmony, unity, and joy.

My Acre with Jeff Olsen

Each of us is a part of this beautiful earth and we each enjoy the tremendous bounty that she provides. While individually we may be mindful of our impact on the earth, the reality is that humankind as a whole consumes much more than it gives back.

This lack of reciprocity is costly. For example, current rates of species extinction are between 100 and 1,000 times higher than the natural rate1. Although there are many causes, habitat destruction and climate change are key factors. Humans may be able to survive slight increases in global temperatures, but many ecosystems and species are much more sensitive.

With a problem so large, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. The My Acre program promotes earth renewal by: Encouraging individuals to be mindful of their own consumption. Plant an acre of forest to offset your personal carbon footprint. And raise awareness that each citizen of mother earth must do their part.

To learn More and get involved, find us HERE. Or contact me at or  

Global Life Vision with Ann Webb

Self Sustaining Projects are BEST! All the projects are done in an empowering way because the village 
people themselves are doing the work. We are just helping with materials, etc. They are self-sustainable projects that will continue to 
serve the community long after we get them going. 100% of the money you donate goes directly to the project. 
(Literally NO ONE takes any of that money for overhead or salaries.)

Water Projects - A big focus of Global LifeVision is to provide access to clean, safe and reliable water in Eastern Africa – one community at a time. After accessing the community, we either provide a water well or build a protection around an existing spring.

The Cow/Goat Project - A single cow improves the lives of each family through improved health & financial stability, then then extends the benefits to their community.

Adopt A Village – UGANDA We are gathering a group of about 100 individuals or families that are “adopting” a village in Uganda. We will be building a school, providing clean water, a Women’s Empowerment Center etc.

To learn more and get involved, find us HERE  Or contact me at ANN.WEBB@IDEALLIFEVISION.COM or